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Suqian Museum
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Name: Suqian Museum

Add: No. 88, Shiji Road, Suqian

Tel: 84349623  84349633

Brief introduction:

Built in May 2003 and completed in December 2006, Suqian museum has its building area of 5,490 square meters. The first and second floors are exhibition rooms with an area of 3,000 square meters. The basement is a storeroom for cultural treasures, covering 1,000 square meters. In 2006, Suqian Historical Heritage Exhibition Hall was established. In 2008, restoration work was conducted to the original exhibition hall and in January 2009, the new exhibition hall themed with “The First Landscape in Spring” was opened to the public for free. Now it has been an important museum for exhibition, research and education in Suqian. At present, the exhibition objects within the museum are mainly collected in archaeological excavation work or from the folk. A large part of them are cultural treasures during the spring and autumn period and the periods of two han dynasties, about 2000 pieces including pottery, gold and silver articles, bronze wares, lacquerwares, ancient coins, stone inscriptions and etc.

The Museum consists of the lobby and five parts. The lobby presents a thematic wall. The first part introduces Suqian in prehistoric and the Xia, Shang and Zhou Periods. It exhibits statues of Xiacaowan People in their daily life (the Late Old Stone Age), Restored Burial of Zhao Village in the New Stone Age, and statue of King Xuyan in Western Zhou Dynasty. The second part introduces Suqian in Qin, Han, Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern dynasties, and it reveals the courtyards of the Han Dynasty and also exhibits the cultural treasures of that time. The third part is Suqian in the Sui and Tang, Song and RMB dynasties, which tells the prosperous and peaceful life of the Sui and Tang dynasties and celebrities of the Tang and Song dynasties. The fourth part is the Suqian in the Ming and Qing dynasties, where there is a model of the administrative building of Suqian County in the Ming Dynasty, a model of Cannel Management Office, and the rammed earth of City Wall of Ming Dynasty. The last part reflects the great changes of Suqian in modern and contemporary times.

The exhibition objects involve fossils of animals, stonewares of the New Stone Age Period, Wanbei Relics of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, potteries unearthed in Zhao Village Site of Sihong County, bronze wares of the Spring and Autumn periods, jade wares of King Sishui Burial. The whole museum is planned in a simple and elegant way, and is featured by the fusion of the history and the modern society. Entering the museum, visitors will experience a historical Suqian of nearly 50,000 years, the actual life of our ancestors and the unrest of the Warring States Period. You will get to know Suqian’s history and development as well as the local people’s life through the delicate lacquerwares, undecorated pottery, fine jade pendants, ivory ornaments and the solid City Wall of Ming Dynasty.

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