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Memorial Hall of Northern Suqian Battle
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Located in the north end of the North Xingfu Road in Sucheng District, Memorial Hall of Northern Suqian Battle is both a tourist resort and a place for mourning martyrs and learning revolutionary history. Founded in the spring of 1954, it was once called Suqian Martyrs’ Cemetery, covering an area of 167 mu. Here there is a monument with the inscription by Marshal Chen Yi, which reads Maling Hill Monument for Martyrs of Northern Suqian Battle. Completed in April 1963, the monument is 33.12 meters high with its footstone of 5,500 square meters. On the walls of the memorial’s east gate, lifelike statues of 29 heroes in the battle are delicately carved. On annual Tomb-sweeping Day or major holidays, memorial activities are held here by the local administrative units, armies and schools. Inside there is also an exhibition hall completed in 1978 with a total area of 1,920 square meters. The exhibition hall includes five parts, the lobby and the various exhibition rooms themed at battle, frontier support, victory and heroes. A large number of photos, oil paintings and exhibiting items with the adoption of modern technology revivify the real scene of the battle.

Add: No.185, Xingfu Road, Suqian

Tel: 0527-84213965

Entrance Fee: free

Visiting Hours: 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

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