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Hongze Lake Forest Park
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Located in Forest Farm of Chengtou Town in Sihong County, Hongze Lake Forest Park is an AAA national tourism attraction. The Park is separated from the picturesque Hongze Lake Wetland by a dam from which it extends to the other side for around 12,200 mu. More than 29 scenic spots and projects have been established here including Karting Circuit, Aquatic Amusement Park, Fishing Pavillion, Outdoor Training Center, Rare Tree Woods, Bird Observatory, Stone Pavillion and so on. The Park is well equipped with service facilities like Grand Lake Resort, Business Center, Tourist Service Center and supermarket. It is an intoxicating place for its thick forest, fresh air, blue lake, singing birds and wildlife. Rare Trees Garden, Botanic Garden, Birds Garden are established in the comprehensive characteristic park for touring, relaxation and recreation.

The whole park has two parts, Happy Forest and Bird Paradise. When you come to the gate, a winding stone path will lead you to the Happy Forest. Towering trees in the forest reach the sky, among which birds are playing and cicadas are chirping. The moment you tread on the path covered with floppy fallen leaves, your heart will be filled with joy and delight. When you step on Bird Observatory, a splendid landscape will unfold before your eyes and you find yourself a part of the ocean of green leaves! When the wind blows, the ocean quivers with white waves. But if you watch closely, you will find the white waves are actually lovely egrets jumping in the trees. Some of them are combing their feathers; some are feeding their young and some are playing and hunting... At the sight of this, your heart will be set free from the busy daily life.

Tel: 0527-86353080

Add: Forest Farm, Chengtou Town, Sihong County

Entrance Fee: 20 RMB/per head

Visiting Hours: 24 hours

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