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Economic Growth

In 2013, thanks to the joint efforts of the whole city, economic development has maintained a sound momentum of growing by leaps and bounds. Among 25 indexes that gauge the building of a well-off society, Suqian has succeeded in 21and Shuyang County and Suyu District have been expected to take the lead in passing the examination and acceptance for a well-off society. It is estimated that the annual GDP totals 170.5 billion RMB, increasing by 12.5%; fiscal revenue arrives at 38.19 billion RMB, increasing by 14.6%; public fiscal budget revenue amounts to 18.51 billion RMB, increasing by 17.1%. Tax revenue proportion ranks the top in northern Jiangsu Province and the second in the whole province. Fixed assets investment registers 129 billion RMB while the loan balance reaches 128.15 billion RMB, both achieving the goal of doubling in three years in a row. Among the 15 major economic indicators statistically measured by the province, growth rates of 11 indexes rank among the top in the province.

New-type industrialization is accelerating. Cultivation of large enterprises has been adhered to in propelling the industrial economic development. Steady headway has been made in the cultivation plans for large enterprises and groups. Enterprises with more than one hundred million RMB of income from newly-added main business reach 110 and those with more than one billion reach 5, bringing the total up to 470 and 23 respectively. An output value of 37 billion RMB has been realized by the 21 enterprises that have been listed among the cultivation plans for large enterprises and groups with more than ten billion RMB and three billion RMB, rising by 28% and accounting for 16% of industry with annual revenue of 20 million RMB. Cultivation plans of grading have been comprehensively implemented for enterprises with annual revenue of 20 million RMB and a direct contact system linking with top leaders has been strictly put into practice to help solve problems for enterprises and stimulate their growth. The added value of industry with annual revenue of 20 million RMB or more arrives at 73 billion RMB, rising by 18.3%. Besides, aggregation is insisted on as one effective means in industrial development and construction of the six large emerging industrial clustered zones has been started in an all-round way. Sales revenue of emerging industries in the city climbs to 61 billion RMB, growing by 35.6%. Output value of hi-tech industries reaches 52 billion RMB, whose proportion to industry with annual revenue of 20 million or more rises to 19%. Gengche Circular Economy Industrial Park has been approved as the national standard pilot program of circular economy. Innovation is adhered to as a core support for industrial development. Mechanism innovation is reinforced and investment in science and technology has increased. Innovation tickets totaling up to 72.474 million RMB have been issued for altogether 1,033 enterprises, bringing in 14 times the investment in scientific and technological innovation. Suqian has been awarded the title of Advanced City in National Science and Technology Progress Evaluation. Large-and-medium-sized enterprises as well as research and development institutions of hi-tech enterprises with annual revenue of 20 million or more register a 100% construction rate. 30 projects have been initiated and got listed in National Torch Plan and National Spark Plan of Ministry of Science and Technology. North-Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute has obtained project-initiation support from the Provincial Industrial Research Institute, the first of its kind in northern Jiangsu Province.

Agricultural modernization achieves steady progress. Emphasis has been laid on the development of modern and efficient agriculture for the realization of a “Provincial-Level Model City of Modern Agriculture”. The newly added area of facilitated agriculture comes to 105 thousand mu and that of facilitated fisheries comes to 27 thousand mu, bringing the total areas respectively to 1.226 million mu and 202.5 thousand mu. Project of “Four Reforms in Rice” has been further advanced so that the production of grains has achieved high yield for the tenth consecutive year. Furthermore, project of “Four Expansions and Four Improvements” has been profoundly implemented with the number of leading agricultural enterprises of municipal level or above reaching 227. Suqian has taken the lead in the province in setting up the Special Award Subsidy for New-type Agricultural Business Proprietorship. Importance has been attached to the cultivation project of new-type agricultural production and business proprietorship, as is witnessed by the 4,031 newly-added family farms and the 1,464 profession cooperatives.

Modern service industry is thriving. Propelled by the comprehensive implementation of “3119” Project aimed at accelerating service industry, service industry of Suqian has achieved an added value totaling 65.49 billion RMB increasing by 13%. The growth rate has for the first time in four years exceeded that of the city’s GDP. The “Three-year Action Plan” to promote breakthroughs in tourism has been completed successfully with a batch of tourist destinations built and opened including the Canal Paradise, Kingdom of ACG, the Suqian Zoo and etc. Annual tourism revenue has surpassed 10 billion RMB; more than 10 million domestic and overseas tourists have been received and urban tourist team reception has exceeded 500 thousand people, all reaching an all-time high. It’s worth mentioning that Suqian is the fifth in the province and the first in northern Jiangsu that has been listed among cities recorded by the Provincial Tourism Statistics Daily. In the field of logistics, “1633 Project” has been vigorously pressed forward with the added value arriving at 11.9 billion RMB. The proportion of logistics added value to regional GDP has risen to 7% while the total revenue of logistics to regional GDP has decreased to 18.5%.

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