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Northern Jiangsu Flower and Tree Demonstration Park
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Northern Jiangsu Flower and Tree Demonstration Park, which is the national demonstration base of agricultural tourism, is in Shuyang County, the hometown of Yu Ji. According to the industrial development need, it is founded to develop ecological agricultural tourism, taking advantage of the history, culture and resources and the 0.3 million mu of original base of flowers and trees in Shuyang County. The whole park covers an area of 1,600 mu with the green coverage ratio up to 98%, distributed with over ten planting areas of nearly a hundred varieties, such as evergreen tree area, deciduous tree area, flowering shrub areas, native tree area and etc. Along with the bridges and winding streets, the well-positioned park shows its reasonable layout. Here men and nature live in harmony, making people forget the troubles and disputes.The wonderful sceneries such as the amazing sunset, the rising and curling smoke from kitchen chimneys, the singing birds, the playing cryprinus carpiod in Yanzhi pool, the disappearing and reappearing hares and Chinese copper pheasants, as well as the beautiful legend of “two pavilions, nine bridges and eighteen curves” make people enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave. At present, the park, with pick-your-own, bonsai manufacture and barbecue and other tourist projects, is accelerating its construction according to the standards of National Tourism Attraction.

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