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Yanghe Distillery Industrial Park
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With a long history of 400 years, the Yanghe liquor has owned a high reputation since the Tang Dynasty. It became world famous at the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Merchants from 9 provinces established guilds here and more than 70 businessmen from inside and outside of Jiangsu settled in Suqian and started their liquor business. Since then the liquor industry of Yanghe Town has thrived. According to The Local Record of Siyang County, Zouji, a famous poet of the Ming Dynasty, wrote in his poem Ode to White Yanghe River: “The water of river is so bluish, and here good wine needs no bush. Spring repaints the willows green with a delicate touch. Alas! How much sorrow will increase, if the patrons do not return for tipsiness? Fellows afar pass to and fro yearly without a trace, while natives enjoy a squiffy life in wine land of happiness.” Yanghe Daqu was sold to Jianghuai area during Emperor Yongzheng’s reign in the Qing Dynasty. Since then it has enjoyed nationwide fame and has been paid the imperial tribute to. It is recorded that when Emperor Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty made his inspection trip to the south, he stayed for seven days in Suqian where he tasted Yanghe Daqu and wrote down such words of praise as “What nice liquor with pleasant fragrance!”

Yanghe liquor, gaining the name as it is produced in Yanghe Town, is one kind of Strong Aromatic Liquors. It uses only the highest quality sorghum as a base, and only the best wheat, barley and peas as high-temperature fermenting agents with Beauty Spring. With comprehensive quality management and implemented and traditional craftsmanship and new technologies adopted, Yanghe Daqu is forming a perfect “sweet, mild, soft, pure and fragrant” style, praised as the authentic representative of Strong Aromatic Liquors.

Since 2003, a classic mellow liquor-- Yanghe Spirit Classics successfully launched by Yanghe Distillery, has evoked strong reactions in the liquor market and become a successful marketing model attracting attention of the industry.

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