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Grain Museum
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The Grain Museum is located in Suqian Huaihai Grain Logistics Park, on the east of Xuhuai Road and the south of the Canal Bridge VII. The Museum includes basic exhibition area, thematic exhibition area, temporary exhibition area, lecture hall and so on. Basic and thematic exhibition areas are initially divided into discovery and development area, species area, area of agencies, figure area, ticket area, storage area and processing area, displaying the discovery and development and the harvesting and processing of grain, as well as grain culture formed in a history of thousands of years. The Museum, highlighting a theme of “Majorities put food first which is rooted from grain”, covers an exhibition area of about 3,050 square meters.

The Museum is expected to become the exhibition center of Chinese grain culture, grain industry development research center, a promotion and release center of grain scientific and technological achievements, an important culture base and a youth education base integrating collection, exhibition, education, science and researches. The famous grain expert Li Jingmou, enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, is employed as a senior adviser of the museum. The construction of the main building has been completed and a large number of exhibits are collected. “China Grain Museum”, through texts, pictures, images, objects, models and other carriers, with sound, light, electricity and other hi-tech expression means and on-site experience shows the historical and cultural heritage and the evolution of grain, a strategic commodity, formed in production, storage, process, distribution and other aspects. The project, to be constructed as the AAAA National Tourism Attraction, has been listed as the national “save food and love food” education base for primary and secondary school students by the Ministry of Education and will be a distinctive grain culture tourist attraction in China.

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