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Sanzhuang Han Dynasty Tomb
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Located between the Xingxi Feeder in the east of Sanzhuang Township, Siyang County and the Xinxingma River, Sanzhuang Han Dynasty Tomb Complex has been considered as a significant site of the ancient Sishui Kingdom. The more-than-40 tombs distribute within 2,500 meters in the north and east, 7500 meters in the south and north in neat order. In one axis connecting the south and north, the location of these ancient tombs features a particular regularity. With different sizes, they lie in undulation and stretch out in an endless vista.

The Ling City Relics dating from Han Dynasty keeps 5,000 meters away from the south of the Imperial Tomb Complex of Sishui Kingdom. Record has it in Siyang County Annals compiled in the Thirteenth Year of the Republic of China (Year 1924) that “The city stretches over several miles and there have been high mounds recognizable”. The Relics contain “abundant bricks, stones, round tiles daubed with golden colors, which are treasured by people”. In November 2002, the archaeological team of Nanjing Museum conducted excavation towards Chendun in Sanzhuang County. Unearthed items so far have totaled more than 600, including jade ware, lacquerware, gold ware, ceramics, wooden figurines and etc. A primary conclusion may be drawn from the four characters of “shishuiwangzhong” (meaning the imperial tombs of Sishui Kingdom) inscribed on the log in the outside chamber that the Daqingdun Han Tomb is an imperial tomb.


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