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Suyu Wenchang Square
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The newly-built Suyu Wenchang Square is located in the center of Education Park in Suyu District with a total area of 11.65 hectares. Mapped out by the Planning and Design Institute of Southeast University, the oval-shaped Square consists of the Wenchang Pavilion, the Stadium, the Library and the Youth Center and the square part. Xuehai Road and Shushan Road run across the Square whereas the Wenchang Pavilion stands in the center of the Square, a 32.8-meter-high landmark building with an area of 519.56 square meters. It looks like a windmill seen from the facade and vertically spirals up, symbolizing the thriving trend of Suyu’s development and its prospective future.

Stepping in the Wenchang Square from the south, tourists will be greeted by four elegant and vigorous golden characters reading “Wenchang Guangchang” which are inscribed on the marble in front of the Square. A few steps forward lead tourists to the marble ground of Wenchang Pavilion Terraces on which a design pattern of the keyboard is displayed. The alphabetic letters and symbols on the keyboard are arranged in an orderly array on the gray black marble, showing unique styles and ingenious craftsmanship. Above the front gate of the Wenchang Pavilion, there are three primitively-and-vigorously-written characters “Wenchang Ge” by the renowned Calligrapher Wei Tianchi. The whole pavilion exterior wall is veneered with marble and the eaves and top are burnished with Chinese-styled tiles, giving into full play solemnity without losing decency and simplicity without losing elegance.

Entering the Wenchang Pavilion, tourists are greeted by the embossed character designs in the front before taking the spiraling staircases of seven stories all the way up to the top. Standing on the top of the Pavilion and getting a bird’s eye view of the surroundings, tourists will catch everything including the scenery of the central Education Park of Suyu District at one glance. A closer look in due south brings to the eyes the beautiful Vocational Education Building of the Suyu Vocational Education Group and the vast playground. In the southeast is cuddled the Wenchang Garden Neighborhood nestled in lush green. The Pavilion faces vis-a-vis with the Wenchang Branch of Suyu Middle School across the street in the east. In the north, Suyu Book-Reading Center, Tianyiyuan Neighborhood and the Education Bureau buildings stand in fair juxtaposition. The newly-built Cultural and Arts Activity Center in the west integrates itself perfectly with the Pavilion. When tourists strain their eyes to overlook, they’ll find rows upon rows of high buildings in Suyu Proper, bursting with vigor and dynamism. The Outer Ring Road, like a pretty ribbon, connects Suyu with the outside world. All the picturesque scenery stretches out in an endless vista under the tourists’ eyes on top of the Pavilion.


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