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Cost in New Suqian
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In Contrast with the national situation of the tightening monetary policy and the shortage of power and labor, Suqian requires less cost with its guaranteed electricity power, land use, labor and money. Land directly allotted by the provincial government will be provided to big projects at the lowest price. The more input of investment is, the more favorable policies will be given. The labor force increases by more than 70 thousand workers yearly whose average salary is around two-thirds of that in the Yangtse River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The cost for frame construction of industries makes up only half of that in southern Jiangsu. Besides, Suqian has complete supporting facilities to promote its industrial development, equipped with 7 provincial economic development zones, 6 provincial industrial parks jointly constructed by the southern and northern parts of Jiangsu, 19 provincial typical industrial parks and the Center for Undertaking Industrial Transfer of Taiwanese-Invested Enterprises. Suqian Customs and Commodity Inspection Bureaus have also been founded and operated.

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