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While attracting foreign businesses and investment, Suqian Committee of CPC and government in recent years have set up a service evaluation center, launched two documents of “On Further Improving the Service for Attracting Foreign Businesses and Investment Projects” and “Assessment of Service for Attracting Foreign Businesses and Investment Projects to Suqian”, and built up a service system consisting of investment promotion units, functional departments, industrial parks and a municipal service assessment center. Full efforts are made to build up a “365 brand” to serve the management of business aiming at 3 “least”s, 6 “thorough”s and 5 “comfortable”s. 3 “least”s mean the least procedures, the least obstacles and the least fees in the process of administrative examination and approval within Jiangsu and Huaihai Economic Zone. 6 “thorough”s refer to thorough assistance, thorough following-up, thorough service, thorough cooperation, thorough security and thorough support to provide every investor with high-quality services. 5 “comfortable”s make sure that investors will enjoy comfortable investment, comfortable development, comfortable work, comfortable business and comfortable life.

In recent years, more than 320 key projects have been carried out under the database management in Suqian, around 130 division chiefs and 230 service staff have been assessed in a dynamic and tracking way, and obstacles and problems existing in 142 influential projects have been found and solved. In the meanwhile, incentives and punishments are strictly implemented, thus the assessment on leaders and related departments are measured by the achievements they made in the service work. “Service for Management of Business in Suqian” has become the most powerful support and the golden brand of Suqian’s investment promotion work.


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