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Power guarantee. Supported by Jiangsu province, Suqian has sufficient electricity supply with no electricity limitation. For big and well-operating enterprises, electricity usage will be encouraged to guarantee their normal operation.

——Labor force: Suqian has plenteous human resources with over 2.2 million of labor force at present and more than 70,000 newly-increased labor force in 2012. Every year, there are about 20,000 graduates from universities and colleges and 35,000 ones from vocational schools, providing qualified talents for enterprises. Suqian also tries to secure the labor force for businesses through unique service policies named “three order services” such as order of recruitment, order of training and order of service, to satisfy enterprises’ demand for workers.

——Land policies: In Suqian, the project with larger investment scale can enjoy more preferential policies. Land directly allotted by the provincial government will be provided to big projects at the lowest price.

——Financial policies: Suqian, as the financial reform pilot city of Jiangsu Province, works out a series of supporting policies of financial services. In 2012, the loan of Suqian is over 100 billion RMB with the new loans of 24.2 billion RMB. According to Guidelines on Achieving Rapid and Sound Economic Growth Supported by Finance introduced this year, Suqian provides targeted and valuable supporting policies for key enterprises and foreign-funded and foreign trade companies.

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