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Enjoying Policies for West China
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Entitled “Jiangsu Special Zone”, Suqian is the only one pilot city for the comprehensive reform of Jiangsu’s regional coordinated development. The government has published a lot of preferential policies which could be favorably compared with those launched by the western China. With respect to the industrial enterprises in the development zone, policy of “Five Years for Free, Five Years in Half” will be implemented, that is, the corporate income tax retained by the local will be totally awarded to these enterprises in the first five years and in half in the next five ones. “Two Years for Free, Three Years in Half” will be adopted, which means VAT (Value-Added Tax) retained by the local which will be totally awarded to the enterprises in the first two years and in half in the next three ones. New hi-tech enterprises will be entitled to the same preferential policies as their parent companies. In addition to the policies of “Five Years for Free, Five Years in Half” and 32% of the corporate income tax to be returned, these enterprises shall be levied at 15% reduced rate, which is the unparalleled favorable support we get from Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government. Favorable policy called “Individual Policy for Individual Project” about the corporate income tax and VAT will be applied to new emerging strategetic enterprises and leading projects capable of driving the development of pillar industries with local characteristics.

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