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The north wing of Yangtze River Delta Region
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Yangtze River Delta Region, having 25 cities at the prefecture level and above, is one of the most developed regions in China. Suqian is involved into Yangtze River Delta Region in 2008, positioned as “the newly emerging industrial and commercial ecological city with innovation and creation in the region” in Yangtze River Delta Regional Planning.

 ——A gateway for the Midwest region to east coastal area.

Suqian is an emerging central city of the east bridgehead city group of the new Euro-Asian Continental Bridge and an important node of Jiangsu costal development connecting the east and the west. It takes one hour to reach the core area of Huaihai Economic Zone with a 53.28 million population, and two hours to get to the whole Huaihai Economic Zone with 120 million people.

  —— A geographic center of Northern Jiangsu. Suqian is about 100 kilometers away from the surrounding cities, such as Huai’an, Lianyungang and Xuzhou. If you read the map, you can find Suqian is in the center among the four cities. 

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