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Lianyun Farm
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Jiangsu Lianyun Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., located in the ancient Yellow River Agricultural Park with an area of 200 mu, is a modern farm combining cultivation, harvest and entertainment. Targeted at ecology, environmental protection and efficiency, the Park is divided into the planting experience area, pick-your-own area and visiting area. In planting experience area, people can experience planting fruits, vegetables, grains and etc.; in pick-your-own area, 18 high-end greenhouses and 28 steel sheds have been built, with eggplants, peppers, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin, Jiaogua, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and other dozens of varieties for picking; in the visiting area, a peach orchard of 20 mu, a 1500-meter corridor of kiwi trees, a rose garden of 50 mu and gerbera of10 mu have been built so that visitors can truly experience the joy of planting, picking and visiting.


Ji Jianwei    Tel: 13951597289

Sun Jiashan   Tel: 15996721655

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