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Yanji Town, the Hometown of Flowers and Trees in China
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Yanji Town, located in the west of Shuyang County, more than 20 kilometers away from the county, is the junction of Suyu District, Xinyi County and Shuyang County. It is famous for growing flowers and trees in China. The town covers an arable land of 43,000 mu while the land for flowers and trees reaches 40,000 mu. Flowers and trees are planted in its 14 villages, 12 of which are professional. With more than 8,000 major planters and more than 2,000 species of flowers and trees, the town has become the largest flower planting base in Jiangsu Province. In 1999, Yanxia Village was honored as “National Top Thousand Green Village” by Ministry of Agriculture and National Afforestation Environmental Protection Commission; in May 2000, Yanji Town was named as “National Hometown of Flowers and Trees” by the State Forestry Administration and China Flower Association.

Every year dozens of domestic and foreign delegations visit, sightsee and order here. In May 2000, the German writer Mr. Forno and others were attracted here, took a lot of photos and noted down the literal data for studying the monuments of the hometown of Yu Ji, Xiangyu’s beloved wife and modern civilization. People’s Government of Yanji Town organized the first college for flowers and trees--Yu Ji College in Jiangsu Province with Nanjing Agricultural University together and also set up the “Jiangsu Yu Ji Flower and Tree Group”. It also registered “Yu Ji” brand for over 150 kinds of flowers and trees, and constructed wholesale markets in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Henan and other places to integrate the production, supply and sale together, selling the flowers and trees to places around China.

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