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Nanyuan Ecological and Sci-Tech Expo Park
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Nanyuan Ecological and Sci-Tech Expo Park enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It is located at the side of the beautiful Grand Canal and adjacent to Yanghe Group. Provincial Highway 365 and 249 pass through it. The Park speaks volumes for the perfect harmony between city and agriculture, man and nature.

The whole Park, with a green coverage rate of 48%, covers an area of nearly 10,000 mu, of which offices and research institutions cover 500 mu. The Park is divided into the viewing area, pick-your-own area, organic and green product development area, agriculture training and popularization of science area and research and development area, organically combining ecology, production, life, service, landscape and training. It is “knowledgeable”, interesting, participative and pleasing to the eye.

The Park, with “clean, pure, beautiful, green” features of modern agriculture, greens and beautifies urban and rural environments, cleans the air, conserves water, regulates climate and reduces urban heat-island effect and etc. With the concept of agricultural circular economy, it develops ecological and economic agriculture and gives modern agriculture features into full play to build an eco-tourism environment. 

The Park, also depending on the advanced science and technology, selects gifted and special varieties, builds intelligent glasshouses, modern greenhouses, multi-span greenhouses and other facilities, and adopts dimensional cultivation, soilless cultivation and other advanced technology to produce low-polluted, green and organic food, providing for the majority of tourists not only a modern agriculture industrial park but also green and organic agricultural products.

The Park features agricultural entertainment and sightseeing, mainly for urban youth, who live in the city for a long time and lack opportunities of participating in agricultural activities. Through experiencing agricultural activities, the youth can get more chances to experience and learn from the nature. These activities not only offer them the advanced agricultural knowledge and broaden their horizons, but also flourish China traditional farming heritage and culture.

The Park, stretching to the urban by agriculture, develops pick-your-own, leisure, fishing, experience and other characteristic tourism industry, showing the rich agriculture culture. It provides urban and rural residents with quiet, clean and beautiful rural scenery and the ecological environment, meeting their multi-level and diversified consumer demand of returning to nature and enjoying inner peace and improving their living quality.


Sun Jun

Tel: 15850907753

Add: Nancai Country, Sucheng District

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