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Administrative Division

Currently, Suqian City has under its jurisdiction three counties including Shuyang, Siyang and Sihong, Suyu District, Sucheng District, Suqian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Lakeside New Town, Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park, Software and Service Outsourcing Industrial Park and Yanghe New Town . There are altogether 104 townships and 4 subdistrict offices in the city with 75 designated towns, 969 village committees and 480 neighborhood committees included. In July 1996 when the city was just founded, 4 counties and 1 district with 124 townships were under its jurisdiction. From 1996 to 2000, 51 townships were officially upgraded into towns in succession. In May 2000, approved by the Provincial Government, 15 townships and 6 farming stations were abolished and merged and 4 subdistrict offices were set up, so that the original 126 townships decreased to 111. In June 2001, based on the rural taxation expenses reform, a merger of village(neighborhood) committees of below 2500 people within the city was carried out, cutting the total number of the committees down from 2,299 to 1,418 and bringing the merging rate to 38%. In March 2004, approved by the State Council, Suyu County was abolished and Suyu District came into being. After adjustment, the urban planning control area expanded to 2,108 square kilometers and the total population approached 1.5 million. In July 2005, the Provincial Government approved the merging of Shizi Town, Qixiong Town and Zhangji Town of Shuyang County into Shucheng Town and the merging of Chengxiang Town and Lai’an Town of Siyang County into Zhongxing Town. Meanwhile, Daxing Neighborhood Committee of Linhe Town was incorporated into Zhongxing Town’s administration. Dalou Township and Chonggang Township of Sihong County were put under the administration of Qingyang Town. Besides, Wulijiang Farm was put under Qingyang’s administration, further expanding the three counties.

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