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Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park
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The establishment of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park (SSIP) is an important step taken by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government to implement coordinated growth among regions, speed up the industrialization in Northern Jiangsu and achieve bigger breakthroughs in Suqian. It is jointly developed and is the most important cooperative project between Suzhou and Suqian governments. The Park covers a planning area of 13.6 square kilometers, with Weimin River in the east, Jiuzhi Canal in the west, Zaohe Irrigation Canal in the north and Hua Luogeng Road and Xuzhou-Huai’an Highway in the south. The Park is divided into two areas by Tonghu Avenue with Modern City area in the east and Industrial Area in the west. It plans to host a population of 90,000 people. The aim of development is: leveraging on the strong points of Suzhou and Suqian and promoting production transfer, developing urban functions including advanced manufacturing and service sectors, building the park into the concentration area of industry transfer, the frontier of export-oriented economy, the experimental area of mechanism innovation, and the model area of modern new town, positively creating an innovation system, and expanding the cooperation between south and north to make a demonstration for realizing mutual development and regional exploration.

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