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Suqian Software & Service Outsourcing Industrial Park
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Suqian Software and Service Outsourcing Industrial Park, approved by Suqian Municipal People’s Government in August 2010, is a new industrial highland to promote software and service outsourcing of Suqian.

In June 2009, it was identified as Jiangsu Software and Information Service Industry Park;

In December 2009, it was identified as Jiangsu Province International Service Outsourcing Zone;

In March 2011, it was identified as Jiangsu Province International Service Outsourcing Talents Training Base;

In December 2011, it was identified as Jiangsu Industrialization and Informatization Integrated Service Demonstration Zone;

In July 2012, it was identified as Jiangsu Scientific and Technological Park;

In November 2012, it was identified as Jiangsu Electronic Commerce Pilot Base;

In May 2013, it was identified as Jiangsu Modern Service Cluster Zone.

The Park boasts 5 square kilometers of planning area with Zhangshan Forest Park, a provincial-level scenic spot in the east, Jiangsu Suqian Luoma Lake Tourist Resort in the west, Suqian Higher Vocational Education Park in the south and a town famous for hot spring in the north. In the Park, there is Jiangsu Canal Cultural City, a nine-hole regulation golf course, the site of the 7th Horticultural Exposition of Jiangsu Province, Lanbowan Commercial Street, Venice Holiday Hotel, the Star International Hotel and high-grade villas and etc.

Suqian Software and Service Outsourcing Industrial Park is aimed at building a development pattern of “One Body Two Wings”, which takes the “software and service outsourcing” as the main body and “cultural creativity” and “the emerging information industry” as the two wings. The Park will focus on developing the six industries of e-commerce, call center, cultural creativity, profession software, animation games and data services. At the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the Park will have more than 300 enterprises and over 20,000 employers with the annual operating income exceeding 5 billion RMB and a built-up area of 2 million square meters. It will become a provincially well-known scientific, creative and smart park leading in Northern Jiangsu and the “National Service Outsourcing Demonstration Zone”with distinct industrial features .

Unique location, circumstances and policy create a unique development advantage here.The Park has convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It is 10 minutes’ ride away from the national expressway, 40 minutes’ ride away from Xuzhou Guanyin International Airport, 180 minutes’ ride away from Nanjing Airport. Embraced by mountains and lakes, the Park, with the forest coverage rate of 54.1%, is a natural oxygen bar in Jiangsu Province. Enterprises can enjoy solid infrastructure and low comprehensive investment cost here. The Park has infrastructure includes sufficient power, telecommunication and roads and so on to meet the requirements of entering enterprises. The land price and housing price here is only 30% and 40% of that of Jiangsu Province respectively; the office cost here is one-fifth of that in the developed cities; living cost here is one-third of that in the developed ones; the labor cost here is half of that of some central cities. The Park also boasts complete system and superior talent cultivation conditions. The Park has Suqian Branch of Jiangsu Visual Software Park and a communication center, providing communications, network services and “one-stop” communication solution for enterprises in the Park. There are students in colleges and universities over 100,000 and those in Suqian Higher Vocational Education Park over 40,000. Numerous training institutions in the Park can cultivate more than 5,000 professionals to meet the requirements of enterprises. The Park provides the most preferential and comprehensive supporting policies. According to the principle of being the most preferential and comprehensive, the Park carries out a range of preferential policies for industrial development and keeps dynamic updating. Of the tax paid by enterprises and individuals, the portion retained by the municipality or the level below will be totally awarded to them in the first five years and in half in the next five ones; office buildings are provided without rent for five years and living buildings are provided without rent for two ones; certification can enjoy a subsidy of 0.05 - 0.8 million RMB; original works can be treated with subsidy; leading innovation and entrepreneurship talents can get the initial capital of 0.5 - 2 million RMB; the loan enterprises might be paid 60% of interest as subsidies.

CPC Suqian Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government attach great importance to the park construction and take it as the only carrier and cluster zone to undertake the development of software and service outsourcing industry in the city. Preferential policies, financial support and other means are carried out to accelerate the development and expansion of the Park. The Park, with strong sense of responsibility and urgency in line with the requirements of “high productivity land, high-quality talent, high efficient work” and the orientation of “scale construction, characteristic industries and high-end talent”, pays close attention to infrastructure construction and personnel security, to undertake a platform for high-end projects and actively build an energetic carrier. As its slogan reads “Knowledge Valley, Understand the World”, Suqian Software and Service Outsourcing Industrial Park, just like the sun rising in the east, is bringing brilliance to Suqian.


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