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Lakeside New Zone
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The Lakeside New Zone is the core of making Suqian a modern waterside city, with the implementation of the strategy of “introducing lakes and embracing mountains”, as well as an important and characteristic part of the city. In June 2013, to accelerate the development of the city center and improve the construction of city development axis, Suqian Municipal Committee and Government implemented regional adjustment and optimization in city center and renamed Lakeside New Town as Lakeside New Zone. The Zone now covers an area of 448 square kilometers (a water area of 216 square kilometers) and a population of 180,000, with 46 administrative villages (communities) under its jurisdiction, divided into six parts, namely, Xiaodian Town, Jingtou Township, Zaohe Town, Huangdun Town, Xianghe Community and Zhangshan Timberland. Focusing on the modern service industry led by tourism, Lakeside New Zone is known as the first batch of Experimental and Integrated Reform Units of Service Industries in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Suqian Luoma Lake Tourist Resort, high performance composite industry cluster district, Luoma Lake Headquarter Economic Zone and Suqian Higher Vocational Education Park.

In recent years, Lakeside New Zone, tightly around the development orientation of creating a cluster area of modern service industry and the emerging industry and constructing a modern and livable waterside zone, vigorously strengthens infrastructure construction, improves supporting facilities, speeds up the project concentration and promotes industrial development, showing a good momentum in economic and social development.Water supply and drainage, power supply, telecommunications, sewage treatment and other basic public facilities are in place, and its supporting function and the carrying capacity are further improved. Jiangsu Canal Cultural City, Jiangsu Shuangxin Color Plastic New Materials Limited Corporation, China Water Town, International Yacht Club, Dali Group and a number of mega-projects are accelerating the construction. Eco-tourism, new materials, headquarters economy and other characteristic industries are developing in strong momentum. In 2011, the Zone successfully held the seventh Horticultural Exposition of Jiangsu Province and the fourth Forest Eco-tourism Festival. In 2012, Provincial Luoma Lake Tourist Resort is formally approved and Lakeside Park is approved as AAAA National Tourism Attraction.


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