Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park (SSIP)

  • Updated: 2023-03-22

Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park, or SSIP, is a South-North co-development industrial park officially started construction in December 2006, with a planning area of 13.6 square kilometers. In March 2012, SSIP was approved as Provincial Economic Development Zone, makes it the only one among 45 South-North co-development industrial parks in the province. In 2019, 15 square kilometers additional land was approved to add to the industrial park. SSIP has won series of titles including but not limited to "Provincial Advanced Development Zone", "Advanced Employment Promotion Unit of Jiangsu Province", "Advanced Co-development Industrial Park of Jiangsu Province", "Provincial Ecological Industrial Park", " Demonstration Zone of Provincial Green Eco Urban Area with High Quality Construction", "National Model Industrial Park with Harmonious Labor Relations". SSIP has been ranked No.1 in evaluations of 45 South-North co-development industrial parks for 11 consecutive years.

The industrial park’s regional energy and environment assessment pilot reform becomes exemplary cases and is advocated to the whole province. In September 2020, SSIP was approved to become cooperative innovation zone of Suzhou Free Trade Zone and offcially listed.