Wujiang-Siyang Industrial Park

  • Updated: 2023-03-21

Wujiang-Siyang Industrial Park, or WSIP, started construction in July 2008, with a planning area of 5 square kilometers. 45 enterprises have settled in the park.

In order to further strengthen and improve cooperation, in July and August of 2019, the party committees and governments of Wujiang and Siyang respectively signed the “Signing Ceremony of Industrial Cooperation Park Co-development” and “Cooperation Agreement of Wujiang-Siyang Industrial Cooperation Park”. Following the agreements, WSIP was expanded to Wujiang-Siyang Industrial Cooperation Park (WSICP). The launching ceremony of WSICP was held on June 29, 2020. WSICP aims to become Wujiang’s economic enclave by using the 12.8 square kilometers of planning area to undertake Wujiang’s advanced manufacturing industries and emerging industries. Priorities such as high-end textiles, equipment manufacturing, new materials will become new growth poles of Siyang’s high quality development. WSICP aims to become a green and ecological place suitable for living and entrepreneurships and it works hard to become a model and high quality South-North Co-development Industrial Park as well as Provincial Characteristic Industrial Park.

WSICP has thoroughly implemented the national strategy of the construction of Ecological Green Integration Demonstration Zone in Yangtze River Delta, seized the great opportunity of the provincial Party committee and provincial government’s decision to promote the high-quality development of the South-North Co-development Parks, established the goal of doubling the total economic output of Siyang County in five years, highlighted the main tasks of development, construction, investment attraction and scientific management, made every effort to become the Provincial Characteristic Industrial Park, In the assessment of the province's 45 South-North Co-development Industrial Parks in 2019, WSICP ranked into top three and won the first place in the assessment of county-level Co-development Industrial Parks. Remarkable results were achieved in attracting investments. 22 high quality projects covering high-end textiles, Smart device and new material industry were introduced with total investment of 33.8 billion yuan. Among them there were 9 one-billion above investments. Guowang High Tech Textile, Hualian Textile, Ruibang Tech and Kailun New Materials are the four mega projects with total investment of 26.088 billion yuan. After the projects are completed, it is estimated that the sales revenue will reach 40 billion yuan with 1.2-billion-yuan tax and more than 20,000 new jobs. The total investment of WSICP in 2020 is not only far more than other South-North co-development Industrial parks, but also exceeding the total investment of the previous 12 years combined. "Economic enclave" makes room for the high-quality development of Wujiang and provides strong support to Siyang’s economic leap. The construction of WSICP is in accelerating pace. The master plan is completed by the Planning and Architectural Design Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the regulatory detailed plan is being compiled. 1.5 billion bonds were issued to speed up the construction of infrastructure and supporting facilities. Roads are currently under design, biding or construction. Waste water plants, power plants and dormitories are currently under planning, design or construction.