Kunshan-Shuyang Industrial Park

  • Updated: 2023-03-22

Kunshan-Shuyang Industrial Park, or KSIP, was officially established in September 2007, which is a major measure taken by the governments of Kunshan and Shuyang to actively respond to the provincial Party committee and the provincial government's decision and deployment of building South-North Co-development Industrial Park. In April 2008, KSIP was officially approved as North-South Co-development Industrial Park. In March 2014, it was renamed as Kunshan-Shuyang High Tech Industrial Park (KSHTIP).

The total planning area of KSHTIP is around 10 square kilometers, of which the start-up area is 2 square kilometers. It is located in the east of Changzhou Road, the south of Jiangyin Road, the west of Chaiyiganqu Road and the north of Wuxi road. KSHTIP is currently under construction. The reserved area is planned to be 8 square kilometers, located in the east of ChaiNan River, south of Songjiang Road, west of Chuangye road and north of 324 provincial road. The park benefits from convenient transportation, apparent location advantages and complete supporting facilities, all reaching the standard of "seven accesses and site leveling". Now 46 enterprises have settled in the park, covering intelligent textile, equipment manufacturing and other industries. The registered capital of kunshu High Tech Industrial Park Investment and Development Company has increased to 180 million yuan, and 500,000 square meters of standardized workshops have been built.