Jiangsu Sucheng Economic Development Zone

  • Updated: 2023-03-21

Jiangsu sucheng economic development zone started construction in April 2002, and was officially approved as a provincial development zone by Jiangsu provincial government in April 2006. Its planning area is 41.69 square kilometers with built area 23.4 square kilometers. Itis dominated by industries such as textile and clothing, green building materials, and laser optoelectronics. It has one small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurship service center, one enterprise academician workstation, four postdoctoral workstations, and 21 enterprise graduate workstations.There are 35 provincial and above research and development institutions, and 84 leading talents.It has been awarded the titles of provincial ecological industrial park, Jiangsu Province intellectual property demonstration park, Jiangsu Province circular transformation demonstration pilot park, Jiangsu Province integration of the two industries demonstration park, Jiangsu Province e-commerce and express logistics collaborative development demonstration base, Jiangsu Province advanced manufacturing and modern service industry deep integration demonstration park. It has several characteristic parks, including the Suqian Laser Industry Park, Hengli Industrial Park, and Cowboy Industry Park. The laser industry park has been approved as a national science and technology enterprise incubator, provincial science and technology industrial park, and municipal advanced characteristic industrial park.