Jiangsu Sihong Economic Development Zone

  • Updated: 2023-03-21

Sihong Economic Development Zone was established in March 2002 and was approved as a provincial economic development zone in April 2006. Planning area is 60 square kilometers, with built area 40 square kilometers. Sihong, mechanical and electrical equipment, new membrane materials as leading industries. 

Sihong Economic Development Zone has 91 national high-tech enterprises, six provincial and above specialized and new enterprises, and five provincial and above green factories. It has 46 provincial-level research and development centers and talent workstations, one national joint engineering center, one provincial academician workstation, and one provincial key laboratory. It has five provincial-level smart workshops, two provincial-level smart factories, and five provincial-level public entrepreneurship and innovation spaces and incubators, and one provincial-level public entrepreneurship and innovation community. It has three provincial-level characteristic industrial parks in machinery manufacturing, new membrane materials, and electronic information.

It has been approved as a provincial-level ecological park, a provincial-level intellectual property demonstration park, a provincial-level integration of two industries demonstration park, a provincial-level water-saving demonstration park, a provincial-level circular transformation demonstration pilot park, a provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base, and a provincial-level science and technology industrial park.