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Traditional Culture

Suqian lies in the transition region of the South Shandong Hills and the North Jiangsu Plain. Two dialects are spoken within Suqian, which embody the Jianghuai dialect used in counties of Shuyang, Siyang and Sihong and the Chinese northern dialect used in districts of Suyu and Sucheng. Distinctive local operas have emerged for Suqian’s various dialects, among which Huaihai Opera is popular in Shuyang and Siyang and Sizhou Opera is widely spread in Sihong while Huaihong Opera, Story-telling Opera, Opera with Drum and Pingci Opera are local features of Suyu and Sucheng. Folk arts like land boating dance, stilt walk, Huatiao dance, race-donkey dance, dragon dance and lion dance are thriving in the folk. Rites and customs have been inherited over time, such as Kitchen God Worship, Spring Festival, Dragon Heads Raising Day, Shangsi Festival and Bathing and Basking Festival. Rituals and banquets for beravements, weddings, childbirth and birthdays are also different from other parts of China. Suqian was a dry crop production area in history. With respect to life habit, the local foods were mainly wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, which could be processed into pancakes, steamed bread, glass noodles and liquor. and so on. It was after the reform of “dryland being reclaimed into paddy” that the staple food changed from noodles to rice. Green onions, garlics and peppers are favored by the local people, while in winter it’s a habit to preserve cabbages, potherb mustards, radishes and turnips. Suqian boasts its profound liquor culture because of the Yanghe Liquor and the Shuangou Liquor of high reputation, which both rank among the best Chinese liquor brands. Especially, Yanghe Spirit Classics has evoked a strong reaction in the Chinese liquor market. In 2012, Yanghe Distillery made its way to the top on the list of the FT Global 500, breaking the zero record of world’s top quoted companies in Jiangsu Province.

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