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Historical Relics

Suqian embodies numerous historical relics with distinct typical features. Songlinzhuang Ruins in Sihong is called “Fossil Treasury” by archaeological experts from home and abroad. Xiacaowan Ruins is the first ancient ones found in eastern China, and Shunshanji Ruins is the first Neolithic ones found in Jiangsu Province. Wars and floods from time to time have destroyed lots of ancient buildings, however, it is fortunate that there still remain some historical ones such as Dacheng Temple of the Ming Dynasty, Xianyoubo's Residence of the Qing Dynasty and Daosheng Alkali Store as well as Imperial Anlan Dragon King Temple in the Qing Dynasty (Emperor Qian Long Temporary Palace), which constitute the rare ancient complex in Northern Jiangsu. As one of the biggest temples in East China, Jile Vinaya Monastery has its main buildings well reserved with their delicate herringbone beam structure, like Main Palace of Temple, Buddhist Sutra Mansion, Jade Buddha Mansion. King Xiang’s Hometown reveals itself with magnificence and grandeur, and within the residence there is a pagoda tree planted by King Xiang which is still vigorous and green after 2200 years. A lot of ancient tombs and steles can be found in Suqian. The year of 1985 witnessed the first stele in Suqian named Sanhuangmiao Stele of Yuan Dynasty unearthed. Inscriptions of Emperor Qian Long left in his Imperial Palace are protected as rare treasures. Located in Suqian are Sanzhuang Tombs of the Han Dynasty in Siyang, Chonggang Tombs of the Han Dynasty in Sihong, Xiaxiang Sites, Lingcheng Sites, Suyu Sites, Suqian Sites and to-be-developed Cuizhuang Tomb of the Han Dynasty which has been evaluated as a noble one. Here also lies Xuzhou Cultural Relic “Hucang Grave”, Lusu’s Residential Well, Fushan Dam, City Wall of Ming Dynasty and Yang Sihong’s Tomb in the late Qing Dynasty. Memorials for modern and contemporary revolutions are Northern Suqian War Monument and Memorial, Xuefeng Park, Zhujiagang Martyr’s Park, Jiang Shangqing’s Tomb, Wu Lingsheng’s Tomb and so on.

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