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Cultural relics are deemed as the tangible heritages of history. These precious non-copyable legacies inherited from our ancestors have viewed the flow of history and the glow of culture. According to the statistics, there are more than 400 ancient buildings and relics in Suqian, including Emperor Qian Long Temporary Palace, King Xiang’s Hometown and City Wall of Ming Dynasty. In recent years, Suqian Committee of CPC and government have attached great importance to protection and exploration of the cultural relics. Various measures have been taken and joint efforts have been made to increase the input and promote the protection work. As a result, remarkable achievements have been made. Archaeological exploration and restoration work has been implemented in more than 20 construction areas. Along with the work was that 600 ancient tombs of different times, 3 ancient sites and 2 ancient towns were dug out. A large number of cultural relics like Emperor Qian Long Temporary Palace, King Xiang’s Hometown, Jile Vinaya Monastery, Daosheng Alkali Store and Catholic Church have been restored. Three batches of 75 municipal relic protection units have been launched. The 12th Five-Year Plan for protection of Suqian’s cultural relics was formulated, giving more details in respect of ancient buildings maintenance, relic conservation and exploration and museum construction. Organized archaeological investigation and exploration of the ancient Xiaxiang Town was conducted to confirm the town’s site recorded by the ancient documents, unveiling the mysterious ancient Xiaxiang Town to the public and bringing the history of Suqian forward to 200 B.C.

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