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History of Civilization

Suqian is characterized by a long history, extensive culture and a galaxy of talents, enjoying a reputation as “Lifeline of the Chinese Civilization, Root of Huaihe River Civilization and A Place Where the Soul of Chu and Han Cultures Lies”. Fossils of gibbons discovered in Songlin Village, Tianganghu Township, Sihong County in Suqian could date back to more than 10 million years ago, the longest in Asia. As early as approximately 50 thousand years ago, the ancient Xiacaowan people lived along the bank of Huaihe River in the area near Shuanggou. According to researches, Suqian is believed to be one of the human origin centers in the world. The Shunshanji Relics in Sihong County dating from about 8,000 years ago have been confirmed as the earliest ones tracing to the Neolithic Age among those discovered within the Jiangsu Province, which has brought the history of Jiangsu Civilization forward by at least 1,600 years. Legend has it that in Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the ancient Xuyi Tribe lived here. In the Year 113 B.C., the Ancient Sishui Kingdom established its capital in Suqian, which lasted for 132 years. Xiaxiang County was set up here in Qin Dynasty, then replaced by Suyu County in East Jin Dynasty. In the First Year of Baoying of Emperor Dai Zong in Tang Dynasty, Suyu County was changed into Suqian County to avoid taboos as Emperor Dai Zong’s name included the character Yu. The name remains unchanged till now. Suqian is known as a time-honored revolutionary base where the New Fouth Army founded the Huaibei Anti-Japanese Democratic Base, one of the 19 bases in China. The city has cradled numerous heroes and elites. It is the birthplace of Xiangyu, the overlord of West Chu Period, Liu Shixun, the famous general fighting against Jin Dynasty in Southern Song Dynasty, Yang Sihong, the national hero fighting against Japanese Aggression in late Qing Dynasty and Zhu Rui, the founder for People’s Artillery. Shen Kuo, the renowned scientist in Northern Song Dynasty and Yuan Mei, the well-known poet in Qing Dynasty had once spent their official career here. The place also witnessed dauntless battles and the manoeuvring of strategies and tactics of the elder generation of revolutionists like Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi, Deng Zihui, Zhang Aiping, Zhang Zhen, Li Yimang and Liu Ruilong. Tens of Thousands of revolutionary martyrs sacrificed their lives and rested in this land eternally, receiving people’s admiration and respect.

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