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Natural Resources

Agricultural acreage of Suqian reaches 4.55 million mu (1 mu≈666.67 square meters) and per capita arable land equals 1.28 mu. The city enjoys favorable agricultural conditions, characterized by a dazzling array of crops, woods, aquatic products, livestock and poultry.

Suqian is known as a producing area of high-quality agricultural and sideline products, abounding with grains, cottons, oil seeds, cocoons, woods, trees and flowers, etc. Three counties under its jurisdiction are all recognized as national bases for commodity grains.

Suqian has long been known as “home of poplars” and the three counties under its jurisdiction are listed among nationwide advanced counties in afforestation of plains”. The contiguous woods mainly dominated by Italian poplars register an area of 1.33 million mu with the standing timber volume totaling 7 million cubic meters. Its area of waters arriving at more than 3.5 million mu, Suqian enjoys the fame of “home of aquatic products” both at home and abroad. Within Suqian, there are the Grand Canal, Huaihe River and Yi River, along with Hongze Lake and Luoma Lake. Water quality of the two lakes has reached national second-level standard. The rivers and lakes teem with more than 50 types of aquatic products including white bait, freshwater shrimps and crabs. Sihong County, in particular, was entitled “Hometown of Crabs in China” by the original National Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries.

With large non-metallic mineral reserves, Suqian boasts abundant mineral resources. Minerals that have been discovered and exploited range from quartz sand, kyanite, silica, crystal, phosphate rock to yellow sand, etc. Besides, minerals like mica, adamas, copper, iron, petroleum and potassium ore remain to be exploited.

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