Geographical Conditions

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

【Location and Area】Suqian City is Located at the north part of Jiangsu Province, between latitude 33°8′—34°25′and longitude 117, 56, 117°56′19″—119°10′. It is at the center area of Xuzhou, Huaian and Lianyungang City, which is the radiation location of the Huai Hai Economic Belt, Coastal Economic Belt and Huai River Economic Belt. It is linked to Anhui Province at the west. There two famous fresh water lakes – Hongze Lake and Luoma Lake. The Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou run across the city. The city covers an area of 8555 square kilometers, of which land covers 77.6% .

【Topography】Suqian, a typical water city of North Jaingsu, has plain and wide lands, river forms nets in the city. The west-south part and west-north part are Sloping hills. Majority of lands are below 40 meters, with highest height of 71.2 meter and lowest of 2.8 meter.