Unique Business Environment

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

Over the years, the high quality help service is the golden brand of Suqian. It has created the "365" help service brand of "3 best", "6 all-round" and "5 feelings". It implements the nanny-style help of "no trouble, no bother, and granting whatever is requested", and the comprehensive index of business environment has always ranked the top in Jiangsu. “3 best” are the minimum approval procedure, the fastest handling speed and the lowest charging standard; “6 all-round” namely wholehearted help, whole-process follow-up, full-time service, all-around cooperation, full-coverage guarantee, and all-social support; “5 feelings” include investing, developing, working, starting up and living happily. Starting with the system and mechanism, Suqian strives to create a business environment that not only conforms to the international business rules, but also has the characteristics of Suqian itself. A mechanism of institutionalized assistance service has been established. For major projects and key enterprises, a mechanism of "five one" assistance promotion has been established to provide "nanny-style" assistance and life-long service throughout the whole process from project signing, construction and operation.