The High-end Textile Industry

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

The high-end textile industry has a complete industrial chain, with a variety of categories, forming an industrial chain of "machinery and equipment - polyester - spinning - elasticizing - weaving - dyeing and finishing - clothing." There are currently 510 standard-sized enterprises, and it is expected to achieve a production value of 61.1 billion yuan by 2022. Four national fiber and textile giants, including Hengli Group, Hengyi Group, Tongkun Group, and Shenghong Group, as well as Singapore's Sateri Company, have established new production bases and invested in new projects in Suqian. In 2022, Suqian was approved as a "Chinese Textile Industry Base City." The influence of the city's high-end textile industry in the country is gradually expanding, becoming a true emerging textile center.