Tourist Attractions

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

Suqian has many cultural landscapes and rich tourism resource, known as"China Excellent Tourist City". 

Xiangwangguli is the birthplace of Xiang Yu, where buildings are old and magnificent. Santaishan National Forest Park has a design idea of "most beautiful environment and everlasting fashion" , is a comprehensive forest park containing natural mountains and rivers, cultural and art experience, forest resort, popular science education and exercising, named as "Northern Jiangsu's Xishuangbanna". Hongze Lake Wetland National Nature Reserve is the only natural wetland at Hongze Lake. And Mudun island in Sihong County is Hongze Lake's shining pearl. The Longwang Temple Palace, with its multi-eaved arches and golden brilliance, is the largest and best-preserved imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty along the Grand Canal, and is a national key cultural relic protection unit and a world cultural heritage site. 

Hongze Lake Wetland Park is a national 5A-class scenic spot, Xuefeng Park, Xiangwangguli, Hubin Park, China Poplar Museum, Longwang Temple Palace, Yanghe Wine Culture and Tourism Area, Santaishan National Forest Parkare national 4A-class scenic spots. Luoma Lake Tourist Resort, Hongze Lake Eco-tourist Resort, Chengzi Lake Tourism Resort, Yanghe Tourism Resort are province-level tourism resorts. Yanghe Winery Industrial Park, Shuanggou Wine Culture Industrial Park, Northern Jiangsu Flower Demonstration Park, Plain Forest Scenic Area are the national industrial and agricultural tourism demonstration points. 

Liu Wei Village in Gengche Town, Suqian City and Chenghe Village in Lujie Town, Siyang County are key rural tourism villages in the country. Qianji Village in Qianji Town, Shuyang County, Shuangdang Village in Xinhua Town, Shuyang County, Guoyuan Village in Aiyuan Town, Siyang County, Zhuanjing Village in Chuancheng Town, Siyang County, Dawang Village in Bancheng Town, Sihong County, Jiuli Village in Jingtou Street, Hubin New District, Xinzhuang Village in Suyu District, Caiji Village in Suxian District, Niujiao Village in Wangguanji Town, Suxian District, and Tangwei Village in Wangguanji Town, Suxian District are key rural tourism villages in Jiangsu Province.