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  • Updated: 2023-03-16

Suqian has a very long history, many talents born here , known as " the veins of Chinese civilization, the origin of Huaihe civilization, the soul of Chu and Han civilization". The fossils of gibbons were found in Songlin village, beside Tian Gang Lake in Sihong County, dating back to 10 million years ago, are the earliest anthropoid fossils ever found in Asia; Xiacaowan people used to dwell by the water in the Shuanggou area at about 50,000 years ago, which is one of the centers of human origin in the world according to research. The Shunshanji site in Sihong County has been identified as the earliest neolithic site found in Jiangsu Province, and its discovery has added at least 1600 years to Jiangsu's history of civilization.  Legend has it that in Xia, Shang, Zhou Dynasty, ancient tribe Xuyi was living here. In 113 BC, the ancient kingdom Sishui established its capital here, lasting for 132 years. The area was established as Xiaxiang County during the Qin Dynasty(221-207 BC), then later, during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, in order to avoid taboo association with Emperor Daizong's name( as his own name ended in the same character as 'Suyu'), the city was renamed Suqian. Suqian is an old revolutionary area, and Huaibei Anti-Japanese Democratic Base created by New Fourth Army is one of the country's 19 major bases. The city is the hometown of numerous famous heroes, such as Xiang Yu, the Overlord of the Western Chu, Liu Shixun, the famous general who fought against Jin during the Southern Song Dynasty, Yang Sihong, the national hero who fought against Japan during the late Qing Dynasty, and Zhu Rui, people's artillery. Shen Kuo, a famous scientist in the Northern Song Dynasty, and Yuan Mei, a famous poet in Qing Dynasty, both once took office here. Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi, Deng Zihui, Zhang Aiping, Zhang Zhen, Li Yimang, Liu Ruilong and other revolutionists were making strategies and fighting bloody battles here. Peng Xuefeng, Wu Lingsheng, Jiang Shangqing and tens of thousands of other revolutionary martyrs sleep in the land, admired by the world.