Adequate Factor Guarantees

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

In terms of employment, the city now has a labor force of 3.2 million, training 20,000 college graduates and 40,000 vocational college graduates every year and the average wage of workers is about 30% lower than the developed coastal areas.In terms of energy use, what can be promised is that the prices of industrial and commercial water and natural gas central heating and supply will be the lowest in Jiangsu. Suqian are working hardly to create a first-class electricity business environment in Jiangsu with "the simplest procedures, the lowest price and the highest quality". At the same time, the policy of reducing taxes and burdens is strictly implemented . Within the limits of municipal authority, the fees related to enterprises is reviewed, making Suqian has the lowest items and standards of fees related to enterprises in Jiangsu.