The Photovoltaic New Energy Industry

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

There are currently 47 standard-sized enterprises in the photovoltaic new energy industry, and it is expected to achieve a production value of 68 billion yuan by 2022, with a growth of 90.1%. It is expected to become the first industry in the city to break through the 100 billion yuan mark by 2023. Industry-leading companies such as Trina Solar, Longheng New Energy, and ATS have successively established production bases in Suqian. Currently, the photovoltaic cell capacity is 34.8GW, the component capacity is 36.3GW, and the silicon wafer capacity is 3GW. After all major projects under construction are put into production, the photovoltaic cell, component, and silicon wafer capacities will reach 50GW, 60GW, and 50GW respectively, becoming a leading photovoltaic production base in China.