Revolution of Political Regions

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

Suqian is in the north part of Jiangsu Province and Huai River. At the Chunqiu Destiny, it was the ZhongWu Kingdom, the capital was located there later. At the Qin Destiny, some counties were set up. At the West Han Destiny, Ling County was abolished and Xiaxiang County was established. Through the East Han, West Jin Destiny, till the East Jin Destiny, the first year of Yixi (405 A.D.), Xiaxiang County was renamed as Suyu County. From Northern and Southern Dynasty to Sui Dynasty, it was still Suyu County. At the Tang Destiny, the first year of Baoying (762 A.D.), Suyu County was renamed to Suqian County in order to avoid the name of Emperor Liyu. The Huaiwen County, Tongyang County, Taoyuan County and Linhuai County were generally established at that time. From Song, Yuan and Ming Destiny to Qing Destiny, these counties changed sometimes. From the War of Resistance Against Japan to the War of Liberation, the north part of Grand Canal is Suyu County, the west part of Grand Canal is Sisu County, from the north part of Xiaodian County to the Xinan County is Subei County. From the September of 1945 to the July of 1946, Suqian city was temporally established, governed by Sisu County. In the June of 1946, Suqian County (including north and east part of Grand Canal) and Subei County plus north part of Xinyi River were combined as Suqian County, governed by Huaiyin section. In 1970, Suqian County was governed by Huaiyin Area. In 1983, it was governed by Huaiyin City. In the 31th of December of 1987, by the approval of the State Council, County-level Suqian City was established. In the July of 1996, by the approval of the State Council, prefecture level Suqian city was established, governed Shuyang, Siyang, Sihong, Suyu County and Sucheng District. Municipal Hall was established in the Sucheng Distract. In the March of 2004, by the approval of the State Council, Suyu County was turned into Suyu district.