Natural Resources

  • Updated: 2023-03-16

There are 6.1621 million mu farmlands in the Suqian City, which has advantaged agricultural production conditions. There are various Crops, trees, aquatic products, livestock and poultry. Suqian is the production area of high-quality subsidiary agricultural products. It is also the famous hometown of poplar trees. It is rich in grain, cotton, oilseed, silkworm cocoon, wood, flowers and edible fungi. The three counties of Suqian City are all the National commodity grain base counties and National plain greening advanced counties. The forest coverage in Suqain city is 3.32 million mu, the rate reaches 23.14%. The forest and wood coverage rate is 29.84%. Shuyang County is the famous “Hometown of Flower and Wood”, where has different kinds of flowers and nursery stocks.

Suqian City is the famous “Hometown of Water Product” home and abroad. The Water area and water application using area reaches 3.3255 million mu. There are Hongze Lake and Luoma Lake in the Suqian City. There are over 50 kinds water production from these two lakes, such as crabs, whitebaits and shrimps. Sihong County is also be named “Hometown of Crab” by the original State Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries.

Suqian City is abundant in mineral resources with Large nonmetallic mineral reserves. At present, the explored and used mines are architectural sand, quartz sand, blue SPAR, phosphate ore, clay, mixed soil, mineral water and geothermal resources. The mine to be explore is diamond gold ore, copper, steel ore, mica, crystal and so on.